Advisor: David Smart

Every two years, Ada-Borup sends some of its students to Washington D.C. to discover first hand how the political system of our nation works. Students get the additional privilege of touring our nation's capital in between numerous workshops, guest speakers, and seminars. Making Close Up one of the most memorable trips a student could ever have.

About Close Up

The Close Up Foundation is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan citizenship education organization. Since its founding in 1970, Close Up has worked to promote responsible and informed participation in the democratic process through a variety of educational programs.

Close Up's purpose is built on the belief that textbooks and lectures alone are not enough to help students understand the democratic process and make it work. Students need a "close up" experience in government. Close Up’s national, state, and local experiential government studies programs strengthen participants’ knowledge of how the political process works, increase their awareness of major national and international issues, and motivate them to become actively involved in the world around them.

Each year, more than 25,000 students, teachers, and other adults take part in Close Up’s programs in Washington D.C. Since the inception of its Washington-based programs in 1971, the Close Up Foundation has welcomed nearly 570,000 students, educators, and other adults to the nation’s capital.

When you Arrive

You will see some of our countries national monuments. And view some of our nations history and how us as a nation got started.