Cougar Den

The Cougar Den is available for public use. If you interested in having access to the cougar den, you can request a key card or fob from the district office. There is no cost to access the facility. If your card/fob is used to access the facility, you will assume liability for anything that happens within the facility. Children under 18 cannot access the facility without a supervisor. A waiver form must be on file with the school before a card or fob is issued. If you lose your card/fob, you can purchase an new one for $20.00. 

Waiver & Release of Liability

The following guidelines must be followed or your card/fob will be de-activated - 

  1. The hours of public use may vary on a given day. If there is a school activity (regular school hours, games, school sponsored practices, etc.), it is not not available to the public during that time.

  2. Do not leave children unsupervised.

  3. Water, in bottles with lids, is allowed. Food and drinks, other than water, are not allowed in multi-purpose area.

  4. Return all gym equipment to their designated places after use.

  5. No climbing on bleachers.

  6. Must be courteous and respectful of others. You are not the only ones using the facilities.

  7. Stay in designated areas and not wander around the school.

  8. Please keep the facilities clean.

  9. You will be held responsible for any damages caused to the facilities and equipment.

  10. Indoor sneakers only, the shoes you wear outside are not allowed.

  11. If you are the last person in the gym, PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS.