Job Talks

Join Us in Inspiring Futures!

🌟 Ada-Borup-West Elementary Job Talks 🌟

Are you passionate about sharing your career journey and inspiring the next generation? We are looking for enthusiastic individuals willing to give job talks at Ada-Borup-West Elementary!

Why Participate?

  1. Inspire Young Minds: Your experiences can shape young minds and motivate them to explore diverse career paths.

  2. Community Engagement: Strengthen our community bonds by connecting with students, parents, and educators.

  3. Make a Difference: Your story could be the spark that ignites a student's passion for their future.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Professionals from various fields

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Artists and creatives

  • Scientists and engineers

  • Healthcare professionals

  • Public servants

What's Involved?

  • A short, engaging talk about your career journey

  • Q&A session for curious young minds

  • Your chance to make a positive impact

How to Participate?

If you're ready to inspire and share your career story, contact Bree Triplett at or 218-784-5300.

Together, Let's Shape Bright Futures! 🚀

Ada-Borup-West Elementary School appreciates your commitment to empowering our students with knowledge and inspiration. Join us in making a difference!