About Us

Located in the heart of the Red River Valley, spanning over 345 square miles, the district encompasses two communities - Ada and Borup. The elementary school and high school serve approximately 500 students.  Our district has much to celebrate. We have been recognized over the past few years for many awards and accomplishments.

What makes our school district great: - A dedicated faculty and staff - Driven students - Wide-range of course offerings and program choices - College in the High School classes - Dekko Scholarship Foundation    (Top half of class receives $1,400 per year) - 97.6% graduation rate - US News and World Report Bronze Medal    for one of the nation's best high schools    (4 consecutive years) - Goal to prepare all students for post secondary    education

Our Mission

The mission of the Ada-Borup School is to educate and prepare all students for a successful tomorrow through academics, activities, arts, and attitude. Ada-Borup High School is committed to providing an equal opportunity for learning by respecting the student's individual needs for education, to instill values and the importance of continual learning through the cooperative efforts of motivated students, dedicated staff, caring families and an involved community.


Mailing Address 604 W Thorpe Ave. Ada, MN 56510

High School Number (218) 784-5300

Elementary Number (218) 784-5303

Fax Number (218) 784-3475